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Life Hammer will break a car window Life Hammer will cut a seat belt
Life Hammer, the Original Car Escape Tool
     Did you know that car windows are made of super-strong tempered glass?
     It is extremely difficult to break a car window unless you have a tool specifically designed to do the job.

     Whether you are locked in a car immersed in water ... or involved in an accident that renders your doors, windows and seat belt inoperative while your car is engulfed in flames ... Life Hammer will allow you to cut your seat belt, break a car window and escape.

     You owe it to yourself and your family to equip all of your vehicles with a Life Hammer.
Silver LifeHammer   Safety Orange LifeHammer
LifeHammer - The original emergency car escape hammer  
Life Hammer
  • will cut a seatbelt in seconds to free a trapped passenger
  • will break a side or rear window using either side of the conical shaped hardened steel head (it will not break a windshield or any laminated window)
  • measures just 7inches long and weights 4.9 oz’s
  • comes with it’s own mounting bracket (7 ½ inches in length)
  • has a built in florescent button that makes it easy to find in the dark
  • is designed and engineered in Germany and manufactured in the Netherlands
  • has been rigorously tested and given the seal of approval by TuV, the prominent German safety testing lab
  • was awarded the silver medal by the German Traffic Council
  • has been used in Europe for over 20 years and is now becoming standard issue in many police, fire and rescue departments throughout the U.S.
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Safety Orange Life Hammer
Black Life Hammer
Red Life Hammer
Pink Life Hammer
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